Thursday, 12 April 2012

Summer lovin'

Sunshine, fresh grass, bonfires, barbeques, pimms, beer, shorts, bikinis, and flip flops are just a few reasons that summer needs to hurry its ass up and say hi!
Winter has gone on long enough.
I'm hoping that my parents go away again so I can have the run of the house...although no grass burning this time. Just to explain this part a little - my friends and I decided to start a fire. Instead of putting the bin (as you can see in the picture) on a slab, we decided to put it on bricks, which barely covered the ground. Result = burnt grass and an angry father.
Last year, my week of mayhem involved: ALCOHOL MEN CROQUET FIRE FUN AND FRIENDS.

                                                                                   the fire begins...
losing at croquet, shame!

So, whatever plans you have this summer, just take it from me, ALWAYS be sensible when playing with fire and choose a day when it doesn't rain (typical English weather)

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