Wednesday, 11 April 2012

I wish...

WOW! So this is my first post. How exciting. 
I've been trying to think of something to write, and I realised I'm just trying too hard. So, I thought I would post something that caught my eye today. Here it is..

Picture: Google Images.

I would actually love these two beauties to fall in love and get married. Apparently they are smitten, so we're half way there. 
Just so you know, I won't be post too many celebrity gossip items, but sometimes you just can't resist! Mollie King would be a lucky girl..just saying :)
Time to publish this post..I'm dying to see if it all works. Bye!


  1. I didn't know this little bit of goss! You're right though, both gorgeous! xxx Good luck blogging:)

  2. i dont know about this, it never occurred to be they would be friends!

  3. I'm glad I could inform you of this lovely piece of gossip! And thanks :) I need all the luck!xxx

  4. Hannah or Nicola...does it matter that you name a blog after a different website? is that a silly question? thanks! x

  5. Love the blog dear (:

    Newest follower!!

    xoxo Effy