Thursday, 12 April 2012


Do It Yourself. Three words which, when it comes to building wardrobes and furniture can frighten most people, especially me.
For some strange reason, I decided to DIY my own cushions for my newly decorated room.
Step 1: Buy material = Easy
Step 2: Design cushions = Easy
Step 3: Cut out fabric = Easy
Step 4: Sew the buggers together = HARD
Step 5: Making more than one = BORING

This is what I made...
In case you were wondering, its a bird :) I've made a couple of others which I shall post soon. It's actually quite satisfying once you've made one, and SO much cheaper than buying them!
So if you're ever bored and like to try out a needle and thread...go ahead!
This is the back...
Sorry for the poor quality! You get the idea...I hope :)

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  1. hey miss! i just found your blog and i love it!
    what a great DIY project!
    thanks for sharing!
    newest stalker!...err...follower ;)
    say hi back sometime, love?