Monday, 23 April 2012

Time to cleanse...

Now, one thing to know about me is that I love make up. I'm addicted to MAC, and I've always bought foundation from there. However, I've decided that MAC foundation isn't quite right for me. So I've made the decision to start again with my whole make up routine.
The other week I went shopping on my own. It was lovely I must say. 
I want to make my skin beautiful, so I've decided to take up a new cleansing routine! 
These are some of the products I bought :)
I'll start at the very beginning...
Cleanser: Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish. ITS AMAZING! I've decided never to use face wipes again as they do nothing for my skin. I heard some reviews about this Liz Earle cleanser, and I'm so glad I bought it. It's a creamy texture, and just fabulous!

You just rub it into your skin, use a muslin cloth (which comes with the polish) to rub off the cleanser and then wash your face with warm water. it doesn't sting your eyes or anything and it removes every bit of make up! I will definitely be looking into more Liz Earle products! My skin feels like a babies bottom! Oh and it costs about £14, and totally worth it.

Toner: I bought a cheap toner from the Simple range. Seems to be working!
Foundation: I bought 'Supermoisture' foundation from Clinique. Firstly, I just want to say how good Clinique were. The lady spent an hour with me, trying out all the foundations. My skin seems to have lots of different tones - yellow, pink, nude etc...nightmare. But now I have the perfect colour match and texture! What's good about Clinique foundation is that each one does 'something' for your skin. Mine is for Dry Skin. Its lovely and has a satin look to it rather than matte which is what I prefer. I also got a free concealer. TREAT!
Brush: The Stippling brush is to apply the foundation - it really blends the foundation in well. It's by Real Techniques. 
Lipstick: And of course, I made a cheeky little trip to MAC where I purchased a lipstick. Its from the Luster range and is called Lovelorn. I wanted one that I could wear everyday and was quite neutral but had a little colour in it. This one is lovely! And very creamy. 
So I've been trying out all these products over the past week and all of them are excellent! My few new steps to beautiful looking skin!

A girl needs to treat herself sometimes!

Hello guys! Sorry it's been a while. Hope everyone is enjoying the blogging world! I've been a little bit busy - preparing for interviews!
So today I had my first interview and I think it went okay! So..I decided to treat myself to some converse.
Very naughty, but ah well!

 I LOVE THEM! I've never really had a pair of cool trainer type shoes, and I feel that these are perfect for the summer/rain.

I'm normally a size 6, but I got a size 5 as they seem to be quite a big shoe! If that makes sense.

I'm a little scared to try them out as they are white, so I need to pick a nice warm, dry day.


Monday, 16 April 2012

Girls love chocolate. It's a fact.

WOW! Today is a good day. The sun is shining, I've been to the gym and then I remembered I had these bad boys!

Home made chocolates from work. I work part time in a hotel, and if I'm MIA, you will most likely find me in the kitchen begging for food/scraps. Hard work pays off - as you can see!
My trick is to just stand there long enough for a chef to notice you, feel sorry for you and want to get rid of you. IT WORKS.
So if anyone works in a hotel, try it. 

Oh, the only downside to these chocolates, is that it took me at least ten minutes to get into the plastic wrapper! Nightmare. 

Bouys bouys bouys!

A little bit of everything - that is my blog description. So far, you've had DIY, fashion, sport and celebrity gossip! I think it's time to have a little chat about men. After all, men are very important. 
It's safe to say that I've had a lot of friends who are boys..
It's inevitable that growing up in a little village where pubs are "your second home" you eventually surround yourself with boys who like to drink beer. This is exactly what happened to me. Unfortunately, I then lost a few female traits due to my beer loving boys and a pint became 'my drink'. However now, I'm sticking to Southern Comfort and lemonade :)
Anyway, back to boys!  I believe that most men can fit into a certain category. In my experience..
There's the one that has two seperate personalities...who are you?
There's the one that has 'that' radar...knows exactly when you've stopped thinking about him and then sends you are cruel. 
There's the one that you can't have...timing is a b***h.
There's the one that has a great personality...but you just don't find attractive. 

Don't get me wrong..I'm not complaining - I love guys and I have some great ones in my life :)
Without these 'men' life would be so boring! And lets be honest, I dread to think how bad we are!

So to conclude, men are confusing, but I love them. Most of the time. 
Enough of boys, back to making my lemon sponge cake!

Saturday, 14 April 2012

It's a good day when the Tigers play!

So today has been really really dull. The weather is miserable, work was busy and I didn't eat lunch until three o'clock!! Food is my life, by the way.
Anyway, that's all my moaning.
 I arrived home to find that Leicester Tigers were walking all over Northampton...lovely news! 
I'm the biggest Tigers fan you will EVER meet. 
I know all the names of the players...well nearly! And I have four shirts, one tie, three balls, and a pillowcase! Now that's commitment.  
Rugby is by far my favourite sport, followed by cricket and tennis. Football is totally dull (sorry, but it is). I watched a game the other day, and all they did was pass the ball from one player to the next and then fell over occasionally to get sympathy...sorry, but I just don't buy it! 
Rugby however, involves many techniques, tall handsome men (I think!) and lots of dirt - what more could you want?
Why do I love rugby I hear you ask!? Apart from the fact I like to watch it, my grandfather actually played for Leicester Tigers. I have his shirt and tie, which I'm pretty sure my brother is slightly jealous of. But I keep them well looked after! I take pride in knowing that he played for such a great team, and wish I had been alive to see him play! That would have been fun!
Here is a picture from back in the day! 

My grandfather is on the top row, fifth player in from the left. SO PROUD! 
That's all for now...maybe a blog on boys later! :)
(Tiger picture - google images, Aviva)

Friday, 13 April 2012

Home made...

As I explained in an earlier post, my room is slightly mix and match and wannabe vintage. So, i decided to make some home made bunting. My mother helped me a little :)
It's so easy to make! 
If anyone wants details, just let me know! 

I made two strips, each having 15 triangles...

Again, excuse the plaster! We haven't got round to the walls yet! :) 

I purchased all the fabric from John Lewis.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Get studding.

So, I have never updated a piece of clothing by adding zips, or beads or chains. The most I've ever done is cut up a top for a fancy dress party - back in my uni days!
I feel like I need to join the cool club and put my own spin on a pair of denim shorts ready for the summer. 
So here are my short shorts! Last year's Topshop in case anybody was wondering...

And these are the studs I shall be adding...

I haven't decided where to put them yet, but once I've worked my magic I'll update! I'll also let you know how easy it is! If I can do it, so can you. (cringe, I know!)

I'm beginning to realise a lot of my posts are DIY - maybe I'll do a review soon, or comment on something political?? :) Just to mix things up!

Summer lovin'

Sunshine, fresh grass, bonfires, barbeques, pimms, beer, shorts, bikinis, and flip flops are just a few reasons that summer needs to hurry its ass up and say hi!
Winter has gone on long enough.
I'm hoping that my parents go away again so I can have the run of the house...although no grass burning this time. Just to explain this part a little - my friends and I decided to start a fire. Instead of putting the bin (as you can see in the picture) on a slab, we decided to put it on bricks, which barely covered the ground. Result = burnt grass and an angry father.
Last year, my week of mayhem involved: ALCOHOL MEN CROQUET FIRE FUN AND FRIENDS.

                                                                                   the fire begins...
losing at croquet, shame!

So, whatever plans you have this summer, just take it from me, ALWAYS be sensible when playing with fire and choose a day when it doesn't rain (typical English weather)


Do It Yourself. Three words which, when it comes to building wardrobes and furniture can frighten most people, especially me.
For some strange reason, I decided to DIY my own cushions for my newly decorated room.
Step 1: Buy material = Easy
Step 2: Design cushions = Easy
Step 3: Cut out fabric = Easy
Step 4: Sew the buggers together = HARD
Step 5: Making more than one = BORING

This is what I made...
In case you were wondering, its a bird :) I've made a couple of others which I shall post soon. It's actually quite satisfying once you've made one, and SO much cheaper than buying them!
So if you're ever bored and like to try out a needle and thread...go ahead!
This is the back...
Sorry for the poor quality! You get the idea...I hope :)

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Real or fake?

I still live at home with my parents, and we just had an extension, and when I say extension, I mean knocking the house down and re-building it back up again! Sleeping on a mattress in my lounge for 8 months was no fun. Although waking up to 20 builders every morning was quite amusing. 
So, I'm now in the process of re-designing my room! (I say re-designing because it sounds good).
My theme is vintage/cottage/floral/a bit of everything - the opposite to my sisters matchy matchy room!
I wanted to decorate my room with roses. Now, here's the keeping flowers alive NEVER happens. fake ones! All I want to know is...can you tell they are fake?! Please all say "no of course not!"

..which ends up as this!

Please excuse the plaster on the walls...I haven't got that far yet!

I wish...

WOW! So this is my first post. How exciting. 
I've been trying to think of something to write, and I realised I'm just trying too hard. So, I thought I would post something that caught my eye today. Here it is..

Picture: Google Images.

I would actually love these two beauties to fall in love and get married. Apparently they are smitten, so we're half way there. 
Just so you know, I won't be post too many celebrity gossip items, but sometimes you just can't resist! Mollie King would be a lucky girl..just saying :)
Time to publish this post..I'm dying to see if it all works. Bye!