Saturday, 14 April 2012

It's a good day when the Tigers play!

So today has been really really dull. The weather is miserable, work was busy and I didn't eat lunch until three o'clock!! Food is my life, by the way.
Anyway, that's all my moaning.
 I arrived home to find that Leicester Tigers were walking all over Northampton...lovely news! 
I'm the biggest Tigers fan you will EVER meet. 
I know all the names of the players...well nearly! And I have four shirts, one tie, three balls, and a pillowcase! Now that's commitment.  
Rugby is by far my favourite sport, followed by cricket and tennis. Football is totally dull (sorry, but it is). I watched a game the other day, and all they did was pass the ball from one player to the next and then fell over occasionally to get sympathy...sorry, but I just don't buy it! 
Rugby however, involves many techniques, tall handsome men (I think!) and lots of dirt - what more could you want?
Why do I love rugby I hear you ask!? Apart from the fact I like to watch it, my grandfather actually played for Leicester Tigers. I have his shirt and tie, which I'm pretty sure my brother is slightly jealous of. But I keep them well looked after! I take pride in knowing that he played for such a great team, and wish I had been alive to see him play! That would have been fun!
Here is a picture from back in the day! 

My grandfather is on the top row, fifth player in from the left. SO PROUD! 
That's all for now...maybe a blog on boys later! :)
(Tiger picture - google images, Aviva)

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