Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Panda eyes suck...

If I was stranded on an island and could only take one beauty product with me, it would be mascara. I love long and pretty eye lashes that make your eyes appear more open!
To me, it's a beauty 'must-have!'
For years I have bought 'Max Factor False Lash Effect Fushion, Volume & Length
Sorry for the awful picture, my camera on my phone is useless and my digital camera is charging! Anyway, this mascara is amazing! It separates my eyelashes beautifully, doesn't clump, and does exactly what it says on the outside. 
I would recommend this one to anyone who likes a 'fuller' look. At around £11 it's not cheap, but if you want a good mascara from the high street brands, then it's a pretty good buy. 

About a week ago, Max Factor brought out a new version! It's called 'False Lash Effect, Bold Volume for up to 24 hours'. 

Again, awful picture! 
I'm always up for trying out something new, especially when it comes to beauty products and I was really excited about trying a newer version of the mascara I love!
Each time I've worn this product I get really bad panda eyes. It's absolutely rubbish. It doesn't make my eyelashes look 'full' at all, and it just doesn't 'go on' properly. 
Within a few hours the mascara makes its way down my face and I look like I've been rubbing my eyes every minute of the day. 
It also takes ages to remove it all! 
So to conclude, do not buy the 24 hour mascara unless you like the panda look..

Take it from me, choose the purple one NOT the black one. SIMPLES!

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