Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Hand candy..

I would say I'm an average jewellery fan. I love rings, hair accessories and the odd earring for my random ear piercing! But when it comes to necklaces', earrings and watches I'm a little useless.
ASOS is one of my all time favourite online shopping sites...it has EVERYTHING! plus, free delivery, therefore everything I buy is justified. I know you'll all agree!
I had a little gander the other night at the rings and fell in love with these...

I was originally looking for three plain bands, but they had sold out! I believe they are now back in stock so I may be purchasing those - if I do I shall link you up :) 
Anyway, I went for these crosses which so far, every time I wear them, I get many many compliments. Girls just love them...so if you like this sort of look, head to ASOS .. for £8 they are definitely worth it. 
Oh, and they're adjustable so will fit any finger shape - big or small! :) Not that any fingers are 'big'!


  1. Love these rings :) I've been meaning to get myself some cross jewelry, it's so lovely!
    I'm a new follower :) please come check out my blog

  2. Love this! Not too pricy as well, so I may be ordering these rings!